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 Caribbean People ...

Time to MOVE! 

From a receiving missions field, to a


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George Liele Started it from the Caribbean!  Let's be part of the finishing!!


See below what was accomplished last year and  Join us this year ,,,

IMPACT Caribbean 2022

has accomplished

BIBLE IN EVERY HOME Project extended  from The Gambia, to 2 ministries in Kenya and 2 ministries in South Asia.   More on our "Get Involved" Page

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Liele was born into slavery in Virginia in 1752, but was taken to Georgia. As an adult he was converted by Rev. Matthew Moore of Burke County, Georgia, in 1777, and continued to worship in this white church for four years until Savannah was evacuated by forces loyal to Britain. His master Henry Sharp was a deacon in Rev. Moore's church and encouraged him in his preaching to other slaves.[1] Liele was freed by Sharp, also a Baptist and loyalist, before the American Revolution began. Sharp died in battle as a Tory major on March 1, 1779. Liele then went to Savannah, Georgia, where he helped organize an early Baptist congregation. He later would become one of the first Baptist Missionaries, serving in Jamaica, and founding the Ethiopian Baptist Church of Jamaica. He is known for writing the Church covenant of the Ethiopian Baptists, which became internationally recognized by Baptists for its importance.


Recipients of Bibles have said "I never thought I'd have my own Bible in my language!" and  "This is a dream come true! Praise God!"

Ministry in South Asia discipling leaders of a church in partnership with Reconciliation Church Community - Florida, USA

Reconciliation Church Community July 2022 1st session.jpeg

Started the SENDING FORCE with a team of 4 from the Caribbean to the  Huicholes unreached peoples in Mexico (July 17- 31, 2022)

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